Saturday, 7 April 2012

Graze Box ~ Yummy Treats Delivered To Your Door

So, recently I came across a rather nifty little box, and it is the Graze Box. You can visit their website here.

The Graze Box is a subscription box, similar to all the beauty boxes out there, but for food. You receive 4 different snacks in each box.

In my first box I received:

Summer berry flapjacks
These were really tasty! I'm a sucker for flapjacks, so I knew these would be a winner for me.

Strawberry Milkshake (strawberries, banana and white chocolate buttons)
This was pretty good, the strawberries were juicy and I love white chocolate. The bananas were okay, kind of chewy and tasted a bit weird.

The Herb Garden (herb and onion peanuts, oregano rice crackers and baked herb bites)
This was probably my favourite thing in the box. I love savoury bite style things like this, and these were delicious!

White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake (Hazelnuts, raspberry infused cranberries and white chocolate buttons)
This was pretty good. I liked the raspberry infused cranberries and of course I love white chocolate, but I'm not a huge fan of nuts. However, I found when the hazelnuts were eaten with a few cranberries they were nicer.

Overall, I think I got a pretty good box. With each box comes a little card giving you all the nutritional information for the four products. I wasn't expecting this and it was a good thing to have included.

There are over 100 different snacks available, from rustic breads to fruit and nuts to chocolatey goodness. There are two types of box to choose from: the Nibble Box, which I got, and the Nutrition Box. The Nibble Box includes four treats from the full range of products, whereas the Nutrition Box includes products which are nutritionally beneficial for you (so no chocolate!). On the website you are able to rate each food based on whether you like it or not, and these ratings are used to help the Graze team choose the products for your box. 

This box only costs £3.79 per box and is sent out weekly. You can choose to have a box delivered once a week or multiple times a week, so it is very flexible.

For more details about the Graze Box check out my video here.

If you like the sound of this little box of yummyness and would like to try it for yourself, click here to order your first box FREE.

Enjoy! x

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

The Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters were finally released in the UK this month and so I had to pick up more than a few of them! Basically, I am obsessed with them! For a full review on these amazing products check out my video here. Below are swatches of the shades I picked up.

Left to right: Peach Parfait, Tutti Frutti, Candy Apple, Macaroon

Left to right: Cupcake, Sweet Tart, Raspberry Pie, Lollipop, Berry Smoothie

The UK did not receive all shades released in the US. 
The shade list for the UK is as follows:

Berry Smoothie
Candy Apple
Cotton Candy
Creme Brulee
Peach Parfait
Pink Truffle
Raspberry Pie
Strawberry Shortcake
Sugar Frosting
Sweet Tart
Tutti Frutti

Which colour is your favourite? Personally I love Sweet Tart!