Monday, 5 September 2011


Hey guys!

So for anyone who hasn't heard about e.l.f. go check it out here. There is also a US version here. Basically it's a website selling great makeup for really really cheap! I was shocked at how cheap everything is. Most things are £1.50!

Anyway, I decided to buy a bunch of stuff from there today. I got 18 products for only £35 and it's free shipping over £30! Absolute bargain! I couldn't believe how many products I could get for so little money! And it's not just single products, like one eyeshadow, that are super cheap! I got an eyeshadow palette for only £3.50! Amazing!

So I'm super excited for my package to arrive in the mail within the next few days hopefully! A haul video will be done on everything I got and that will go up on my YouTube beauty channel here. So stay tuned for that!

Helz xo

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