Sunday, 2 October 2011

My First OPI Nail Polish!

OPI is probably the most raved about nail polish brand and obviously I wanted to try it. However, for the most part, it only retails in the US which was a major disappointment for me as I live in the UK! I could order online but due to high shipping costs from the states it just didn't seem worth it. OPI is pretty expensive as it is and adding shipping on top of that was a no go!

So I thought that was the end of that and I would never be able to own any OPI polishes, without paying silly prices. But nooo no no yesterday my friend told me that a shop in our city sold OPI! Obviously I was shocked and amazed! I had to go there and pick one up!

So I got to the store and sure enough they did sell OPI (and China Glaze too, which I didn't think was sold here). The range wasn't massive, none of the newer collections. But still a lot to choose from. So I took my time deciding which colour to get and finally settled on Sweet Heart. It's a very pale pink, almost white. A colour I've been interested in obtaining for a while.

I absolutely love it and plan to purchase many more OPI polishes in the future!

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